Objective and Salient Feature of Navodaya Vidyalaya
  1. To provide quality modern education and all round development of Rural talented children.
  2. To promote national integration among students through a policy of  migration.
  3. To organize pace-setting activities for the promotion of excellence in the District and sharing of experience. 

  4. To ensure, that all students attain a reasonable level of competence in three Languages.

  5. The develop academic atmosphere i.e., quality and quantity results of 100% pass with 90% of 1st  class.

  6. To develop language proficiency in three languages Oriya, Hindi & English.

  7. To develop mathematical ability & scientific thinking.

  8. To develop basic computer literacy skills.

  9. To develop competence to be successful in competitive examinations.

  10. To develop moral, spiritual and civic values.

  11. To develop professional growth of teaching.