From the Principal's Desk

No institution and no society has ever developed without a desire to develop. Development brings novelty and novelty is always greeted with warm touch of growing generation. The future of the nation lies in the shoulder of the growing generation. Hence be the responsible citizen of tomorrow. Your dedication, strong determination accompanied by sincere and ceaseless efforts will bring a bright tomorrow for you. Since the present century has entered into post modern era, the community and the society expects a lot from the present youth. So change your attitude and developed the sense of responsibility, understanding, courage and prudence with a scientific bent of mine to walk on an equal footing with any others. So be sincere, be positive, cherish to be good and adhere to a disciplined life in our system to fulfill the long cherished desire of your parents, teachers and community at large. I hope our institution will inculcate all such characters and qualities within you to make you a well balanced citizen of the tomorrow for which any one will take pride for you.

Ms. Shanti Mohanty

Principal, JNV, Tarbod, Nuapada, Odisha
Phone No. - 06678-211211 (O), 211231 (R)