Computer Education

It is needless to mention that the present age is the age of science & technology. Above all the help of the computer is seeked in every walk of life or activity. Without knowing the computers, the knowledge and certificate obtained is said to be invalid for giving better, timely and errorless result. Keeping the same in mind, this institution has started imparting computer education to all its students as well as employees. This institution is having 48 numbers of computers and every class had given two periods each in a week in our daily routine. It not only imparts knowledge to the students but also provide an amusement to each and every student who enters the computer laboratory.

Smart Class

As previously mentioned, to impart education, computers are playing a vital role. Then how can we keep ourselves aloof ? In order to make the teaching-learning process an enchanting one, this institution has developed a smart class. This  is working as a tonic for the grasping capacity of the students and also helping in eradicating monotonous class room situation. The eagerness for computer is converted into the eagerness for the subject matter on the other hand among the students. This classroom is well equipped with one computer with sound system, one LCD projector and many more educational CDs.